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  TkMasqdialer is a Tcl/Tk client for the Masqdialer daemon. The purpose of the masqdialer system is to allow users on a IP masqueraded computer without a modem, to use a computer's modem attached to the LAN. Features include: Plays audio file on connection and disconnection, online duration timer, connection drop detection, and easy to use service selecting. Note some features are missing in 1.12 however they will be included when the basic functions of 1.12 have proven to be stable. If you want to see em now , then download 1.12 and start hammering it . If you find even a single stack trace then let me know . It will be attended to ASAP .
News : Tkmasqdialer has moved base and is currently maintained by Michael Voase .
Update - Tkmasqdialer is currently in the middle of a complete overhaul . The current ( and only )
version is 1.12 and is avalable further down . In the previous design , several problems were encountered with using expectk so rather than continuing with using an external program to interface with mserver , tkmasqdialer has been rewritten from the ground up to utilize the native socket capabilities of tcl . This has lead to a staggering improvement in performance and reliability . Rewriting this code has also allowed me the opportunity to clean the code up so that adding further features to tkmasqdial wont be such a daunting task . There are still issues to be addressed , however inital results have been favourable . Tkmasqdialer is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2.

Available Files
Screenshot This'll show you what the client looks like.
Version 1.04 Currently no longer available . Tkmasqdialer Version 1.04 had some serious problems that have been fixed in version 1.12 . Its use is no longer recommended and you should consider upgrading to version 1.12. Although 1.12 is not completed yet , it is more stable than version 1.04 .
Version 1.12 Download the latest version. This version has been rewritten to improve code clarity and to make the addition of features less troublesome . Currently this version does not support the sounds 1.04 has and is moderately tested . It is useable , however a couple of extra eyes would be handy ;-) .
Changes The current list of changes is supplied in the distribution . The page that was detailing the changes to tkmasqdialer is no longer being maintained .
Todo Lots ....

Required Software
Tcl/Tk Tcl/Tk version 8.0 or later is needed.
Wish You will also need Wish .
Masqdialer A machine on your LAN or localhost running the C-Masqdialer daemon version 0.0.10 or later should work . Note this is the C version of the server and that the PERL version is no longer being maintained . Currently tkmasqdialer has been tested with version 0.3.2

Feedback Any bugs, questions, or comments? Feel free to let me know here.

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