Voase History Page

During the latter years of my grandfathers life, Robert Austin Voase, engaged in a extensive search to find the origins of the Voase family name. It is not a common name, and even today, its roots are still shrouded in the mists of time. However, during my Grandfathers years, he uncovered many interesting and surprising facts about the Voase family and its heritage.

However, in spite of the mystery, we have been able to track down the origins of back to the early 17th centry. Back then our name was spelt in many different ways including Vause, Voace, and Vaux. My earliest traceable ancestor is a fellow by the name of William Vause born in 1605. Not much is know about William and his life, however the answers to these questions may yet be found.

In the interests of assisting all the Voase families from around the world, I have been given permission to present to you the findings of my grandfathers work. Below are two documents that are the product of his research and a tentative family tree. It is my sincere hope that this information will be usefull to genelogical researchers and family historians alike.

The first document is a book my grandfather compiled from his research notes and is basically a summary of all the information he gathered, along with a short preface outlining the origins of the Voase name. It is arranged by location with as much relevent information attached to that location. The information includes parish records, birth, death and baptism records, wills and other notes relating to the Voase family. The book is in PDF format and will require a plugin or Adobe Acrobat to veiw the information.

Book 1A.pdf

The second document is a projected family tree based on my grandfathers notes. This is our best projection at this stage and any and all comments are welcome. If you think that your family line is not included please advise with info and references and we will ammend this as more information comes to light.


Please note this tree is too big to fit on one page and is broken up across twelve pages. This tree spans from today, back to 1605 and ends with William Vause at the top. Records before this period are very hard to obtain and any further info predating this time would be greatly appreciated. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me, Michael H. Voase.