Web Creations from
Industrial strength Web Servers
to CGI-script web pages

For further details please contact

Michael Voase

Click Here for  mod_cgisock

Note : As yet mod_cgisock is still only availble
in tar.gz format . Current version 0.4.2.

(Please note that most older versions are still
available under their original names. )

NEWS - for a good run down on the cgisock paradigm, checkout Petes cgisock page, and the skinny on his user library for cgisock - Cserver .

Also if you are keen to have a look at
Perl Modules for cgisock, checkout
Bas Denissens CGISOCK.pm . Drop by, send
him a message...

The  Cgisock FAQ  is available
Also if you want to see some
performace specs then refer to the
The cgisock performace page
If youre looking for tkmasqdialer then Click here

Lastly, If youre looking for family history documents, please refer to my Genealogy page.

Yes, and there will come a day when I update this shoddy old page ;)