Christmas at the Glasshouse 2009

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Sunday 20 December 2009 at 2.00 pm in the Glasshouse

Christmas at the Glasshouse – an extravaganza of song and dance

Cantorus - Photograph courtesy of John Tingle

The only performance of Hastings Choristers’ Christmas at the Glasshouse took place at 2.00 pm on Sunday 20 December and was a celebration of the festive season paying homage to its spirituality, togetherness, sharing, caring and reconnection with family and friends.  The entertainment was diverse: an extravaganza of song and dance -- from Classical ballet, cabaret, oratorio, swing, pop -- to traditional carols, music theatre and more.


There were solo performances by 'Road to Tamworth' award winner Aleyce Simmonds (pictured left), baritone Ian Castle and soprano Nina Mestric; while young singers Rose Wallin and Josh Salter performed classical Christmas favourites. 

Local dance schools, Extreme, Dynasty and La Vive Classique presented a wide range of dance styles to delight and surprise.

The beguiling Bel Canto children’s choir and Staccato boys' choir provided joyful, angelic sounds.

Accomplished trumpeter Jason Heise, solo clarinettist Carol Irving and a wonderful saxophone quartet enlivened the Christmas mood!

Cantorus presented seasonal classics and was complemented by the beautiful harmony of Cantabile