Internet Software for the Apple Macintosh

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Anarchie 1.40

anarch.hqx 507K

Anarchie is an FTP and Archie client. It will let you browse FTP sites, download files, or find them using an archie server. It requires System 7 and MacTCP 1.1 or later. Unfortunately many Archie servers are a bit on the flaky side, but don't worry, just try another server!

Chat 2.1

chat2.1.hqx 117K

Chat is a application that lets a Macintosh with MacTCP serve as a simple internet chat room. Once Chat is running on your mac, multiple people can Telnet to your mac and have online discussions.

The user portion of Chat has no macintosh user interface, the only way to use it is by telneting to your mac. However, the adminstrator can perform most of the tasks necessary through the macintosh interface.

Chat can support as many connections as it has memory for - and MacTCP will allow.

CU-See Me 0.80

cu-see.hqx 410K

CU-SeeMe, a desktop videoconferencing program, for Macintosh and PC, is available free from Cornell University under copyright of Cornell and its collaborators. CU-SeeMe provides a one-to-one conference, or by use of a reflector, a one-to-many, a several-to-several, or a several-to-many conference depending on user needs and hardware capabilities. It displays 4-bit grayscale video windows at 160x120 pixels or at double that diameter, and now includes audio on the Mac. So far as we know, CU-SeeMe was the first software available for the Macintosh to support real-time multi-party videoconferencing on the Internet. CU-SeeMe is intended to provide useful conferencing at minimal cost. Receiving requires only a Mac with a screen capable of displaying 16 grays and a connection to the Internet. Sending requires the same plus a camera and digitizer. Contains both 68K and PPC versions.

Eudora 1.5

eudora.hqx 1,112K

This is the freeware version of Eudora for the Macintosh. Fat Binary version

GraphicConverter 2.1.4


A great program for converting and viewing graphic files. GraphicConverter will convert to and from just about any graphic format. A must have. Fat Binary version.

Homer 0.93


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. What it is is a way for people to talk with thousands of other people, all over the world, in real time (or something close to real time anyway). There are machines around the world known as IRC servers, whose purpose it is to shuttle around all the things that everyone is saying. IRC users interact with something called an IRC client. IRC clients are the interface between a single user and the rest of the IRC world. The program you have here, Homer, is an IRC client written for the Mac, in an attempt to use some of the Mac's snazzy features to create an easy-to-use and powerful interface to IRC.


macppp 313K

This macppp file contains all the necessary files to get a PPPlink established on your Macintosh.

macppp.hqx is an hqx file which contains a self extracting compact pro application.

Inside the compact pro application are the following files:
macppp config and extension
mactcp watcher

Netscape 2.0

Netscape Navigator version 2.0 2860K

Netscape is the Web Browser of choice for most users. It has a stranglehold on the Web Browser market and you should at least load this one and give it a try.

Newswatcher 2.0


NewsWatcher is a Usenet newsreader for the Macintosh. Fat Binary Version.

Real Audio


The RealAudio Player provides real time sound over the internet. Once you have installed the RealAudio Player, RealAudio will play automatically when you select any RealAudio file on a World Wide Web page. You do not need to first load the RealAudio Player, it will be loaded by your World Wide Web browser. Check out the following Web Pages for more information on this exciting Internet development: RealAudio and Audio Net.

Ensure your Web browser is configured to use the RAPLAYER whenever you select an audio file with a file extension of ra or ram and you will enjoy live audio automatically.

TurboGopher 2.0b8

turgoph.hqx 312K

TurboGopher is a Macintosh application that we believe is (still!) the fastest Macintosh Gopher client available. Beyond optimizing TurboGopher for raw speed while fetching documents and directories, we turbocharged the user interface by displaying information as soon as possible... you can read the first part of a document or directory while the rest is being fetched. You can fetch multiple documents or directories at the same time. TurboGopher also supports the Gopher+ extensions to the original Internet Gopher protocol. TurboGopher runs in native mode on both 68K Macs and on Power Macs.

uuUndo 1.0

uuundo.hqx 98K

uuUndo works with uuencoded files. uuencoding is a common format on non-Macintosh systems which accomplishes the same thing that BinHex does on the Macintosh; that is, it is designed to allow a binary data file to be stored as text and thus included in mail and news messages. Unlike the BinHex format, however, there is no integrity checking built into uuencoding, so there is absolutely no guarantee that a file has been decoded properly. Be careful!

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