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Seniors' Links

Comprehensive site
International site with over 5,000 links
Including numerous world-wide links
They sponsor SeniorLink  
Come on Backstage .....
Local genealogy pages 
CARP - For the over-50s
Links to all Government Services
Benevolent Society of New South Wales
Dedicated to helping carers
Current Ministerial portfolios
Protects and promotes wellbeing of the aged
Links to over 91,000 genealogy sites on the Internet
Includes Aged and Community Care
Up-to-date information
Check out what Dutch Seniors are up to
Green gardening site
Coffs Harbour 2AIR-FM 107.9 Caters specifically for Seniors
Growing strong together
Includes Search Engine
Enhancing Seniors' lifestyle
Recreational crosswords and maths puzzles

Includes Seniors Card Details

USA - high quality site
USA - but interesting information and links
Australia - Seniors helping seniors use computers and the Internet
Federal government year-round resource
For NSW Seniors Card holders
For SA Seniors Card holders
Plus Healthy Living
For VIC Seniors Card holders
USA - Focuses on information for Seniors
Covers all aspects of sleep
Information on health issues
American - well worth exploring
Prostate Cancer Support Group in Australia and  Overseas - for people Newly-Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

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Last updated 28th June, 2001