What is the NBN?

The National Broadband Network is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia's history.
The NBN is an initiative to upgrade Australia's telecommunications infrastructure to provide fast reliable broadband and telephone to homes across Australia. NBN is currently rolling out a variety of technology which will include Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Premises, Wireless and Fibre to the Basement (Units and Apartments) depending on your location.

When can I get the NBN?

NBN co. is currently rolling out the NBN network in Australia and is expected to be completed by 2021. Many areas are now ready to switch to the NBN. Our interactive map will be able to show if you are able to be connected to the NBN and what technology will be used by Clicking Here. Otherwise, please contact us for more details about your location by calling us.

How does the NBN benefit me and how is it better?

The NBN is about providing fast reliable Broadband. Many things you do today will be achievable at much faster speeds. These include downloading movies and music in minutes, streaming High Definition content and also high quality video calls and conferencing.

The new state of the art network can provide this with more reliability and less drop outs when compared to the older Copper Telephone network we use today. With parts of the NBN network being serviced by Fibre, it is not prone to the elements like exiting Copper Networks so things like rain or heat should have less effect on services. 

How do I switch to the NBN?

Either contact us to receive a time frame of when the NBN will arrive. If the NBN is completed and available in your area you will be ready to connect. Simply will out the applicable application form found on our website and return it to us with a copy of your drivers licence to begin the process.  

In NBN Fibre to the Premises areas, the NBN co technician will run a fibre cable from the street to your house. A Network Termination Unit will then be installed in your house/business. A specialized modem supplied by us, will then be used to connect the Network Termination Device to provide access to the NBN.

In NBN Wireless areas an antenna will be installed on your roof, and then it will be connected to a Network Termination Unit. A specialized modem will then connect to the Network Termination Device to provide access to the NBN.

In both Fibre to the Node and NBN Fibre to the Basement, a specialized modem will connect to your existing copper cabling to provide you access to the NBN. 

In all cases, the phone and all devices will need to connect through the modem. 

Will connecting to the NBN cost money?

The standard set up fees for Mid North Coast Internet NBN will vary according to the installation type you choose.

A professional installation will cost $235.00 and includes a technician visiting your premises and installing the modem. They will also connect your phone to the modem and also a computer. This does not include any cabling work.

A self installation will cost $80.00 involves a modem being posted to your premises and you setting the modem up with your computers and phone. The modems do come pre-configured to your NBN service for a plug and play installation.

We also offer a Mid Coast I.T. installation, which involves a member of our staff visiting your premises and installing your modem. We can also connect all computers to the internet and also all phones. Upon prior request, we can also perform any internal cabling to allow phones or computers in other rooms or locations to work. Please contact us to discuss your needs. This installation is $80.00 plus time and materials. 

Please keep in mind that any internal wiring which may be required to connect the NBN service to a desired location within your premises is your responsibility and cost.

Do I need new equipment for the NBN?

A compatible router is supplied by Mid North Coast Internet when you connect to the NBN. Some of your existing equipment may also work with the NBN. Please check with your existing equipment manufacturer before attempting to use it with the Mid North Coast Internet NBN service. Some alarm systems may not be compatible with the NBN, please contact your alarm or security company prior to switching to the NBN. Faxes may not be compatible with the NBN. Please contact us for further information

What speeds are provided by the NBN?

We currently offer four NBN line speeds with Mid North Coast Internet NBN plans. These are 12/1Mbps, 25/5Mbps, 25/10Mbps and 50/20Mbps. These speeds refer to the maximum National Broadband Network port access speed installed at a premises – which means this is the speed in which your connection will communicate with the NBN. Speeds can be different due to things like internet traffic, the hardware / software you are using, the site or host you are getting data from or the network generally.

Do I need to connect to the NBN?

Under current guidance, when the NBN is rolled out in your area the existing Copper Telephone Network will then be given 18 months to shut down. This means that 18 months after the NBN is rolled out in your area, the existing Copper Network will be shut down. This will give you plenty of time to transfer to the NBN so you have continuation of service.

If the power goes out will my NBN service still work?

If the power goes out you will not be able to make emergency calls or use your NBN connection unless you have a Backup Battery installed with your NBN equipment and a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) attached to your modem. Please contact us for further information about UPS's