Our mobile broadband plans allow you to connect to 3G mobile network. Using the 3G Optus Dual Band mobile network, our 3G plans offer a large coverage area, allowing you to enjoy wireless broadband access throughout metro and regional areas.


With our wireless broadband plans, enjoy fast internet, great value, and a range of extras, including five email addresses and 1GB of webspace, email protection against virus and spam threats, and free customer service and support.

Mobile Broadband
 Monthly Fee  Data Excess Data Per MB Total Minimum Contract Cost Service Cut Off Contract Period
$27.00 5GB* 0.12c $324.00 130GB 12 Months
$37.00 8GB* 0.12c $444.00 130GB 12 Months
$61.00 15GB* 0.12c $732.00 130GB 12 Months
$78.00 20GB* 0.12c $936.00 130GB 12 Months
$100.00 30GB* 0.12c $1200.00 130GB 12 Months

* Data usage will include both uploads and downloads.

Other Fees
USB Modem & Sim  $75.00
Sim only - Byo Modem $15.00


Application Forms
Mobile Broadband Application Form For new Mobile Broadband connections Mobile Broadband Application
Change of plan application form To change data allowance Change Data Allowance
Change of details form Change account details Change of details application
Cancellation Form Cancel Midcoast Services Cancellation Form
Terms & conditions Midcoast Internets terms and conditions Terms and Conditions


Actual speeds will vary and may be slower. Many factors affect speeds such as your distance from the mobile tower, the capacity and load of the mobile tower, which bearer you are currently using (GSM, 3G/Dual Band), your hardware and software, the source of your download, and general internet traffic.

The service is subject to network availability.


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