Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is a fast internet service that is available to many people in different locations around Australia. It allows people to access the internet in different locations with a portable modem and limited to or even no use of wires. Mid North Coast Internet offer a range of plans that will suit your needs. Our first data allowance starts from 1GB all the way up to 6GB.

Our mobile broadband plans allow you to connect to the 3G mobile network.  By using the 3G Optus Dual Band mobile network, our 3G plans offer a large coverage area, allowing you to enjoy wireless broadband access throughout metro and regional areas.

With our wireless broadband plans, enjoy fast internet, great value, and a range of extras, including five email addresses and 1GB of webspace, email protection against virus and spam threats, and free customer service and support.

Speeds of the Mobile Broadband can vary depending on your location and can slow depending on your distance to the Mobile Tower.

To join our Mobile Broadband Service, simply fill out our Mobile Broadband application and return it to us.

Mid North Coast Internet also sell a range of 3G modems to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss our range of modems and plans that we offer.