How long could your business stay viable in the wake of lost data and inaccessibility of critical services such as email and your line of business software?

Do you have the components in place to protect your business and also get it back up and running?

How Our Solution Works

Our Managed Backup service delivers peace of mind by reducing your risk and restoring your data as quickly and completely as possible it also allows you to focus on your core business priorities while retaining ownership of your backup technology.

We manage the entire backup solution for you—the initial setup and configuration, tracking failures and even configuration changes. Data backups are performed from your server and put onto backup media instead of a separate drive. We will monitor backup jobs, perform data restores, change configurations or answer any of your backup questions.

Performing a Data Restore

Once you request a file/directory restore, we start restoring the data immediately. Completion times will vary depending on how much information needs to be restored. Typically, a 200MB file takes up to five minutes to be restored from backup media.

To find out how we can help you will backing up your business data call Mid North Coast Internet on 1300 134 638