ADSL is a high-speed broadband internet service which uses an existing phone or fax line allowing you to be able to use these services while you are on the internet without any additional installation required. You can download large files, including video at fast speeds and view and send emails.

Go faster with ADSL2+

For super fast broadband, ADSL2+ offers download speeds of up to a maximum of 20Mbps. ADSL2+ is currently available in all major cities and many other major regional centers.

Enjoy the security of email protection against virus and spam threats, and take advantage of up to five midcoast email addresses.

Please see below our standard ADSL plans:


Standard ADSL    
 Speed  Per Month  Data

Total Minimum Contract Cost


If you go over the data allowance you will be shaped to 196K until the new month


1500/256K $39.00 20GB $333
1500/256K $49.00 40GB $369
1500/256K $59.00 100GB $444
ADSL2 $49.00 40GB $369
ADSL2 $59.00 80GB $444
ADSL2 $79.00 200GB $624
ADSL2 $99.00 400GB $693


Other Fees
Setup Fees  $99.00 Six Month Contract
Transfer Fee  $85.00 Transfer to Midcoast from another ISP
Change of service speed  $25.00 Change any time
Change of data allowance Free Change any time
Early Termination of contract $80.00 Cancelled inside six month contract
Incorrect service call   Charged on labour and materials


Application Forms
Download ADSL application form For new ADSL connections ADSL Application form 
Change of details form Change account details Change of details application
Change of plan application form Change data allowance or speed Change of plan application
ADSL Transfer form Transfer ADSL service to Midcoast Internet Churn Form
Cancellation Form Cancel Midcoast Services Cancellation Form
ADSL Transfer form Terms and Conditions ADSL Churn Terms and Conditions Churn Terms and Conditions
Terms & conditions Midcoast Internets terms and conditions Terms and Conditions


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